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Established in 1996 in Shanghai, Shanghai UNIBANG International Group Co., Ltd. boasts 28 years of experience as a renowned machinery manufacturer and distributor, both domestically and internationally.                         

We specialize in designing and providing high-quality Pasteurizers, Homogenizers, Filling Machines, Conveyor Systems, and Packing Machines, catering to industries such as Snacks, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Bakery, Dairy, and Juice Beverages. Our equipment is trusted and utilized across more than 70 countries worldwide, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Japan, Thailand, and various Middle-Eastern countries.

We offer comprehensive processing solutions from A to Z for your food processing needs. Additionally, UNIBANG Group encompasses three subsidiary companies to solidify our position as a leading manufacturing and processing center in the food machinery industry.     


  • Globule Sanitary Conveyor Pty Ltd.,    

Spiral Cooling Tower & Spiral Lift & Packing machine:

  • Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.,   

Dairy & Juice Beverage Heat exchanger & Sterilizer & Homogenizer

  • Shanghai Hongli CONVETOR Co., Ltd.,

Modular Belt &Chains & Conveyor components


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